Our training programs are individualized to meet each client’s unique needs. The exercise prescription used at SomaFit respect the anatomy and biomechanics of each muscle, as well as the physiology. The exercise selection is very precise and targeted to fully develop the function of the muscle and body.  Incorporated into each session are strategically placed Myofacial stretching, ELDOA and proprioception exercise to improve postural alignment and restore a more youthful quality to the body fascia. This approach to personal training, greatly reduces degenerative change and enhanced the overall health of the client.

Within a few months, I returned to tennis and cycling. I have worked with numerous physical therapists, both personally and professionally over the years with little to no improvement. Terry and Rob’s unique approach, individual training and genuine concern for their clients’ health is top notch. I would not trust any other facility for physical rehabilitation.

On the recommendation of several friends, I started working with Terry following shoulder surgery. During our early sessions, I mentioned that I suffered from an arthritic knee. I had daily knee pain from simply standing for several minutes. I had been told that I would require knee replacement and there was little that could be done to alleviate my symptoms. Terry initiated a rehabilitation program of proprioception and within 6 weeks I was pain free.

Stephen H. Covey MD, FACC MOJO

Simply put, if you find yourself in pain, have suffered an injury, or want to prevent a future problem, go to SOMAFIT. You’ll ask only one question afterwards: Why didn’t I find this place sooner?

The stark difference in SOMAFIT’s methods compared to all others I’d seen previously, is the emphasis on the actual mechanics of the body. They ask questions, then manipulate the body in a way that starts producing results immediately. They also provide a follow-up program that is incredibly effective at reducing future problems. For me specifically, my surgically-repaired shoulder is now perfectly fine (the shoulder pumping technique combined with the specific follow–up exercises, especially the scapula work, has restored both strength and range of motion); my creaky knees feel better than they did 20 years ago (I do the proprioception daily — the best 4 minutes of my morning); and my arthritic hip is loosening up enough to keep me pain free (here, too, the myofascial stretching techniques have been invaluable). Undoubtedly this requires some commitment on my part, as well; Terry is direct in his assessment that the body will respond better to his techniques if employed regularly versus sporadically. But this is hardly shocking, and frankly, a few minutes a day is well worth the effort.

People often describe the work of professionals they like as the “best.” In many cases, this is a nice description but one that is typically not grounded in any evidence. When I recommend Terry as the best PT I’ve ever seen, by a huge measure, I do so both because I unfortunately have suffered quite a few sports– related injuries, followed by surgeries and so–so PT, and because since seeing Terry at SOMAFIT, I’ve managed to become healthier, despite being older and despite continuing to play basketball at 49 years old.

Randy Shain