We can consider proprioception to be the control of bones and joints, analogous to microcomputers within a joint.  Once these microcomputers are injured, as is the case with an ACL injury, it is imperative to work directly on the microcomputer itself in order to restore proper function to the joint.

There is a proprioception exercise for every ligament in the human body.  How many people have injured their ACLs, sprained their ankle, or suffered from chronic lower back pain?  Take for example an injury to the ACL in the knee. Traditional treatment following an ACL surgery focuses on strengthening the quadriceps muscle and working globally on proprioception, as when standing on a bosu ball. This will only lead to a larger discrepancy between the healthy ligaments and the injured or reconstructed ACL. This creates a rapid degeneration of the joint.

At SOMAFIT, we work specifically with injured ligaments through articular pumping, TTLS and fascial normalization.  You are then instructed on how to perform the required proprioceptive exercise to maintain and re-establish ligament and joint function.  Proprioceptive training of healthy ligaments placed strategically into a fitness program is a sure way to prevent future injuries.  Awareness training is for everyone. Especially ATHLETES.

On the recommendation of several friends, I started working with Terry following shoulder surgery. During our early sessions, I mentioned that I suffered from an arthritic knee. I had daily knee pain from simply standing for several minutes. I had been told that I would require knee replacement and there was little that could be…

Stephen H. Covey MD, FACC MOJO

People often describe the work of professionals they like as the “best.” In many cases, this is a nice description but one that is typically not grounded in any evidence. When I recommend Terry as the best PT I’ve ever seen, by a huge measure, I do so both because I unfortunately have suffered quite a…

Randy Shain